Saturday, January 21, 2012

Windy City Tonight

Attractive isn't it...? Dental dams are the DEVIL.

The wind is shaking the whole bldg tonight...Not sure how bad they are out there but they are impressing me in here...inside in the warmth...

My dental nightmare is complete for this round but it will take a few days to have my face feel ok I suspect...I won't bore you with the sad story of my nerve issues on the upper left side of my mouth but I will tell you - next time...if I need anything else done to either of those 2 back molars I am demanding they get pulled b/c the nerve issues - I am done with that shit.

I did find it amusing that I asked for a dbl dose of freezing and it ended up going up into my eye...hahah FROZEN EYE IS WEIRD. Also - a noteworthy piece of advice...1 hr and 50 mins of being upsidedown in a dentists chair renders you completely unable to walk properly for 10 mins.
The dentist asked me how I felt and I was honest and said "It feels like I just gave birth out of my mouth." That was a new one for her.

Last night Ryan McMahon was in is always nice to see him and Cathleen...I effing LURVE Cathleen...she is just one of those people you WANT to know...Ryan sounded good and his percussion pal Mitch was fab. CAJON's are awesome....if you have never seen/heard one before it's a box drummers sit on and play like drums only it's just a box they tap and such...Mitch has designed his own called the 'MitchSlap' and it sounds pretty incredible esp with all the gadgets he uses for effects - every area of the box is rigged inside for a different can check it out here...

Great show! I love it...

Can't believe my sprog is going to be 18 in a week or so...HOW WEIRD! We are going to go for sushi on her b', Pam and Maggie got her 4 mths of unlimited yoga for her b'day so she is STOKED...I have a few other things for her but they are for the day of her b'day.
She went up to an orientation/info session at Camosun College the other night...checking things out...still undecided but getting prepped to make some choices in the next year... :o)

Stay tuned for my CAT SHOWDOWN.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Mitch slap! Best name ever!

Ryan sounded great in that clip, musta been a fine show.

I hate those dental dams with a passion. I always feel like I am going to choke to death on one.