Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gag a Maggot

A. is going for her driving test tomorrow. PRESSURE!! All of u please cross your fingers and send very positive energy her way mainly b/c aside from the 110.00 rape fee to take the test I REALLY do not wanna deal with the fall out of her not passing...the teenage rage and ire...anything but that.

My Monday is gunna be a shit-show. That's all I am saying about I am gunna be sure to enjoy the shit out of today...gunna go hang with the handicap gang (aka Donna and Aunty Shirley and Cousin Cindy) for a bit then the lesbos are coming over for the walking dead later...then I shall prepare for Monday...ugh.

Great show on CBC this weekend...about MANNERS...and how us North Americans have been raised (for the most part) as total narcissists...we are all about what we want now and it's all me me me...and regardless of all the new technology (cell phones etc) the old rules of manners still it considered rude to ignore the ppl in the room with you? Yes but ppl do it all the time while they fart around on cell phones. Is it rude to be loud and obnoxious in public? Yes...but ppl constantly speak loudly on cell phones on public transit and get pissed off when asked to keep it down b/c they think you are being rude to THEM. FML...the state of the world is so bizarre. Anyway it was good...

OmG - my SPROG goes to Mexico in 4 weeks.... which reminds me  - last night at 1230 am I went into A's room thinking she was asleep to shut her lamp off - and I am sneaking b/c I don't wanna wake her only she wasn't asleep and I ended up scaring the bejeseeesus outta her which made me giggle all the way to my room...I really felt bad actually b/c I actually gave her a friggin heart attack...SORRY KID!

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Adele said...

The whole cell phone thing has gotten kinda outta hand, even in the older generation. I was at work one night and things were kinda quiet cuz there was a table of four who are old enough to be my parents...all texting their grandkids, employees, spouses (etc). Just to be an a-hole, I texted each of them to ask if they were ready for another drink.
I am sending kickass vibes A's way!!!