Monday, February 13, 2012

Gutter Trance

Today I arrived at my destination appointment 35 mins early (yeah - I know) so I trotted over to a bus stop and had a seat...across the street was a guy on the roof...replacing gutters...he was removing the old ones...and I sat there mesmerized (Lhasa was playing on my MP3 player) that he was not falling off the damn roof...he was like a squirrel up there...and I just sat there he worked I realized where the power line to the house was and was waiting for him to toss an old gutter wrong and electrocute himself and the whole house...but like his ninja squirrel skills his gutter toss skills were prime...and nobody was electrocuted to death. His hammering of gutters was also awe inspiring...if it were ME hammering  in the same position with my face so close to the hammer oh you bloody bet I would hammer my gawd damn face...and I waited for him to pop himself in the nose but nope...serious professional! It was then I noticed he was actually quite attractive - that's when I felt like a creepy skulker...but I still sat and watched for a while...It was like watching Bob Ross paint a chill and relaxing...

After the Gutter Trance I went to my appt - looks good to go to start volunteering at the local Transition House...I am quite looking fwd to the training and doing something different and useful. Got a new bus pass so now I am not the idiot who tries swiping it 10x before the driver looks at me with disgust and waves me through...wander walked a lot despite the fact my MP3 player and my camera were both victims of dead batteries. The new camera is cool but with it just having 2 batteries I don't think I am getting the battery time I am accustomed to sadly. It will make me have to be really on top of it...ugh!

Donna is managing but incredibly unhappy with her life hahaha Poor woman...she wiped out and fell on it today and feels like the 1st day again...hopefully tomorrow its better.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Gutter guy stalker! I wonder if he noticed?

Good for you for doing some useful volunteer work.