Sunday, March 18, 2012


...ever watch "The Lovely Bones" movie the day your kid leaves on her trip to Cancun.

She did manage to get to the airport and such and board...I have yet to hear from her though...from the resort...mind you I predicted she would be a complete inconsiderate a-hole despite promising me she would call me once a day. She may think she gets a week of freedom from my clutches of maternal death but she will pay for years and years to come for this betrayal...ohhh this mother is not going to forget.

The weather is nice there...the plane did not crash so...I am sure all is well and good.

Season finale of The Walking Dead was intense....fugggggg! I won't say more in case someone is waiting to watch it til later.

I am so's like my skin has been stripped of all is that about...? I am an OCD lotion addict at the moment...which is counter productive 4 the most part...but the only thing I can manage...I think tonight I will smother myself in greasy weird Nivea cream and go to bed...maybe I will sleep in A's bed all greased up with Nivea as 1 small form of revenge.

Tomorrow I am hanging with Kate and starting a project that will ultimately be for A's will keep me busy...all week.
AT LEAST I FINALLY HAVE MY MP3 PLAYER BACK....sweet jesus I was about to go mad. Now I can be alone in public again.

I have a urgent stress headache right now...sometimes I wish I still drank.


Cathy said...

she's probably dead in a ditch somewhere...just poor taste....yup. figured you didn't want to have someone tell you to chill out. Although they (young adults) would rather eat glass, some of what we teach them does actually sink in, and althought they may appear to not be listening to our sermons, it creeps in through their pores, they breath it in and it takes root, She'll be just fine, because you taught her well, is she an ungrateful little shit for not putting your mind at ease and calling or texting, you betcha!!!

~Jen~ said...

yeah...I am about as unamused as humanly possible...which is why I haven't called you this weekend...sorry...I am too foul and too distracted...hope you are ok!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I do like your plan to grease up her bed! A big fan of sly subtle revenge, here.

I hope you've heard from her by now!