Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nutella...for the love of gawd!

When did I blather on last...? I don’t even know...3-4 days til Cancun...Sprog has made it very clear that my need for preparedness is ‘anal’ and I should relax b/c her and her friends are not idiots and will deal with whether or not they have enough change for the bus in Vancouver, etc. I guess not being easily flustered allows for some of these incidental things to go willy nilly whatever-like. Truthfully, the reason I am overly prepared about things and think 45 steps ahead is b/c I don’t care to deal with surprises and annoying shit like being at the bus and realizing I have no gawd damn change...thinking back 20 some years I did not have the same level of attention to detail...and it would not occur to me to get a map of an airport prior to flying somewhere so I knew exactly where my ticket booth was. I need to keep reminding myself that her brain and my brain do not work the we have different temperaments and priorities. Ayla’s priority currently above all else is to sell as much crap as she can so she has enough to buy a certain bikini she must wear in Cancun or she will surely perish...whereas my priority is for her to come home safely after a fab time and not be killed and become yet another CBC news article about the dangers of Mexico travel. We are on totally different usual.
Oh wait her other major priority in life is Nutella...she called me at 11:14pm last night to inform me it was IMPERITIVE I get her some Nutella b/c we are out and she might die without it this week. I did find this very amusing...only b/c I was in bed and reading and not asleep when she made the emergency call. Ha!
The family is in Vegas right now...Aunty Pam, Uncle Jim and cousin Mags/Kel and all their spouses and kids...Nascar in Vegas extravaganza! Kelly posted a few pics on FB and Jim looked in his glory all helmeted up and appearing to be going for a race car ride. Looking fwd to the stories and more pictures for sure. I am not much of a gambler but I would like to go to Vegas and go see the Pawn Stars pawn shop hahahahaha and other things as well...doesn’t look like there is a shortage of stuff to do there.
I wish Rick Mercer was the PM of Canada...actually I almost wish ANYONE ELSE was the PM of Canada right now. That is all I have to say on that...
I am still waiting for my Criminal Record Check to come back so I can start volunteering at the Transition House. Tracey found out when she had her recent one done that there is someone with her exact name, eye color, birthday and hair color out there who has a criminal record...! EEK! Hers came back with SOMETHING on it and she was surprised seeing as it should have been clear so she had to go sort it out and almost had to start showing tattoos and body parts to have it if you are ever arrested and have no ID on you the thing to do is use the name and info of someone you hate so this will happen to them haha