Sunday, March 04, 2012


I have been lucky...I haven't had neighbors below me in a year and when I did she was a little old lady, never heard her once and the room below me was her spare room. I haven't had ppl above me in about 5-6 mths...before that I didn't really hear them except for the walking around b/c this is an old wood bldg...I have ppl below me now...I know them and they are nice folk, not a-holes or anything...I can hear them know that low murmur talking (male voices...can't really head female voices) is extremely is hearing someones TV...just that constant murmur. Fuck I hate it. I sure hope today they have company b/c if they talk to themselves at this volume level all the time it is going to suck for me. haha The suite above me is being reno'd for my landlady (her son & daughter in law live below me) - she is quite quiet and is usually alone and won't talk much I suspect. I have no issue with regular apt. is to be expected...and I am sure I will get used to it again...but man - as I get older - this sort of thing SURE irritates me. Yay for getting old and cranky...woohoo. Just wait though....they are expecting a baby and the baby's bedroom is below mine....oooooooo that should be awesome...

I am watching The Walking Dead solo this week...the lesbos are ill. Then I think I will read and go to bed...oh wait I have to change the littler box...I am awesome! My house is clean and I don't want to do anything to mess it up ffs...

Crap I wish I would hurry up and get my new working MP3 player in the mail b/c I am friggin DIEING here...if it comes and has the same issues I am gunna shit the bed...I will just buy a friggin new one b/c I am not waiting around for another replacement...At 1st I was ok with just riding the bus without but the more I do the more I realize I am not interested in inane bus conversations by stupid kids or schizophrenics having auditory hallucinations. No thanks...Gimme my tunes please.

I wonder if they can hear my TV and/or downstairs...? Lucky for them I don't talk to myself or I am sure that would be irritating for them. ha! I bet these zombie noises and screaming is fun to hear through a floor. Oh apartment bldg - CONCRETE!!! Or (waterproof/ heated/ electricity/ plumbing/ by a bus stop) a teepee.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

I do not miss other people's noises in apartments. I always managed to have obnoxious neighbours.

That would have been a tough WD to watch by yourself! Although, come to think of it, I watch all of them by myself.