Friday, April 27, 2012


I love Fridays at work. No one sits beside me and I can play music at an audible level. I also love the cherry blossoms right now...I love how the branches hang so strained under the weight of the delicious looking blooms. When the wind blows them I am sure they will snap off...but they don’t.
I am not chatty these days...not much to say...not to say I ever have anything earth shattering to say but I usually just speak when I feel compelled to and lately I just don’t feel compelled. The impending doom of summer – while I love this spring weather – does not please me. As it turns out – despite my best efforts to keep my head above water – after graduation next month and all that goes with that I am not off the hook like I thought....looks like Ayla must get her wisdom teeth out so I may as well just buck up and do that now and it will be over with. It hasn’t been particularly pleasant for her as of late with 1 tooth giving her problems so the sooner the better...I do see a little light at the end of the tunnel though....eventually. haha
Logically I know I need to turf my land line telephone but I just can’t convince myself to do seems so welfare to not have a home phone...and while I have free LD with my cell phone I hate talking on my cell phone...h.a.t.e...i.t. Perhaps when I upgrade I will feel different but cell phones are not traditionally able to be cradled in such a way that frees both your hands to do dishes etc. Anyone who has ever talked to me on the phone knows I am usually doing dishes while talking b/c then it doesn’t seem like work at all. There is always the hands free option I guess...headsets are so goofy though...I dunno...the redundancy is not lost on me...having 2 lines...maybe a cell upgrade and headset of gheyness is the key? Ugh...for as much as I feel like talking on the phone these days the whole debate in my head seems ridiculous.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hear ya, sista. Talking on the phone is one of my least favourite activities ever.

ATTHomePhone said...

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