Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jupiter's Cock!

Oh - Pardon me...I forgot I had a blog...that about 3 people apologies.
I have been excruciatingly busy with many useless things: overeating, not exercising, watching a horrible series called SPARTACUS where the use of the word "cock" is as frequent as teenagers using "like" in a amuses the men are hot as shit...what else...oh cleaning up camouflaged cat vomit off the carpet, working, avoiding socialization, preparing for A's grad May 25/26, oh and don't let me forget...DOODLING LIKE A CRAZY MOFO. There are other things but they are lost to me right now.

As I said previously I don't feel like writing...I am in midst of a "meh" period...indifference laced with apathy...about damn near everything. Even my new phone...I just took this picture of me blogging at this very moment - uploaded it to Flickr and then posted it here...OH HOW TECHNOLOGY IS SAVING US WRETCHED HUMANS! Haaaaa! I just spent 1 hour DLing free ringtones to match up with the ppl in my contact list...some of them cracked me up so the screaming 300 one THIS IS SPARTAAAA" for Guy...etc...oh I am simply amused.

Anyhow...I have a horrible face at the moment - hormonal disfigurement...add that to the fact my eye is still on fire if I wear make up hence no eye make up makes me look like I just rolled outta Tomorrow is Friday...MUSIC DAY! WOOHOO!

Here is my rant for the day...'friends' - glorious friends who love to give advice...unsolicited advice about dealing with shit & the importance of facing your problems - while they are swilling a drink like they are a newborn on a midst of the most heinous phase of their own life, wallowing in the dregs of pure relationship dysfunction, battling numerous demons...and "I" should deal with my issues...Uh...1st off...mind your business MR/MRS KNOW IT ALL...I am 100% in touch with my issues, dysfunctions, problems, and mental handicaps...I am all over it...I watch myself partake in my bad behavior as if I was standing across the room from myself...watching myself be a total asshole and do nothing about it...just observing...aware of EVERY shitty thing about me...I am far from deluded...I am not arrogant and so self important I have tricked myself into think I am fucking special...I am no better than anyone else even if I hate them - we are all the same worm your advice for some other empowering moment you are trying to achieve with someone b/c I am not hopping on board...ppl with the need for constant validation fucking tire me and make me want to cut myself.

The End.


Adele said...

There should be a vacation spot called "The Island of the Free-To-Be". Anyone caught being judgmental will be shot...DEAD!!!

Cathy said...

here, here Adele. let's take a head count, how many of us are willing to admit to reading Jens blog..... count me in.

Adele said...

Hell yeah!!! I check in just about everyday! I be missing the rants and thought provoking life o' Jen!