Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Bastard's Day

Well...shit. These were supposed to be whole wheat ground flax banana protein waffles...WHY DO YOU HAVE TO OIL TEFLON ANYWAYS? Rude. I ate some anyhow. Maple syrup the future I will oil the damn thing.

Aunty Pam bought me a waffle maker to congratulate me for not strangling A. before mom also gifted me for the accomplishment.

It was a gift worthy accomplishment if I do say so myself...
The day shall be redeemed shortly...Alexandra is coming over for some tortilla soup (that turned out pretty kick ass let me tell ya) and a therapy always amuses me that as one of the most fucked up ppl I know (myself) I always end up the therapist in many of my friendships...should have got into social work after all I guess. Easy to be objective and empathetic to others...and far less easy to offer yourself the same empathy. Funny how that works. My only therapist friend is Connie....her masters in clinical psych makes me take her advice quite seriously lol

I feel facked today...unwell in general...and to try and make you all feel unwell here is the 80's video nightmare of the day:


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