Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Stop staring at me CAT!

The cat won't stop staring. It means she is desperate for attention...which makes me ignore her more. I am a bad cat person. I am the same with people desperate for attention and validation.

Alexandra with the wobbly ball
Had a good visit with Jim and his daughter Alexandra the other day...she cracked me up...she walked in the door and spotted the cans on the shelf in the kitchen and proceeded to empty the shelf and take cans to A's room as me, the living-room was pretty amusing...esp. b/c Jim depicts her as a screaming banshee who spends a large portion of her day screeching...she was perfectly delightful at my house...awesome how kids are like that. A. is 18 and still does that to me.

A. is off to Denman Is. this weekend to camp...not very warm for that in my opinion but...she is adventurous...she won't mind near as much as I would...who am I kidding...unless someone has a cabin or a pimped out motor-home I DO NOT CAMP. I have always said camping is like being homeless on purpose and who the hell wants that...not me! I like the comforts of home...mind you I could really enjoy renting a cabin and being a fake camper. I require solid walls to ward off animals and a toilet...I could live without electricity ok...but squatting in the woods to pee...FORGET IT...this fatty is not digging that scene...even as a non-fatty I did not partake in such bladder was young then though...I could go to a bush party and drink a bit and wait til the night was over to have to time my outings and ma out where washrooms are....getting old is fucking annoying...lets not get into all that though...the thinning hair...the lard...the poor leg is an ugly world.

OR GAWD! I cannot decide which version I like best...the original by Damien Rice or Phillip Phillips version...Aunty Cathy asked me to send her the PP version b/c she is an American Idol fan and really liked him a lot...and I instantly loved his version...enough to look up the I just have to enjoy them both I guess...

Geoff Tate is playing in Victoria next weekend...and I think I shall go...its reasonably priced and hearing old Queensryche songs acoustically really appeals to it will probably be the last time I get a chance to hear any live so wtf.

I don't think Tere is going to make it to town next weekend...that gal cannot catch a life hasn't already given her enough to deal with (her sons suicide in Sept) she keeps getting kicked while she is down...uncle floods...broke as a new fangled betrayal for her to try to process while she agonizes going through her sons clothing so she can have 2 memorial quilts made...I just do not know how the woman is still standing...

Man did I ever LOVE the article on the CBC website today...
Yesterday there was one that made me was so fabricated and full of shit it boggled my mind that the CBC put it up: PIECE OF SHIT ARTICLE
Then today this was put up in response to it: MUCH BETTER
The thing is....if you read the 1st one - don't you think it is the CBC's/reporters job to substantiate that Enbridge claim BEFORE the article is posted? I mean...come reeks of bullshit and is so vague...why didn't someone there look into it? Today's blew it the fuck out of the water...and thank gawd b/c the 1st one made me poo in my pants a little...before I looked at it objectively. This shit is pissing me off a lot these days...I am considering laying off the news for a while...esp with all this body parts in the mail really?? SERIOUSLY? at work a parcel came and was sitting on Doris's desk and I sniffed it to make sure it didn't smell like decomp. Welcome to 2012 folks...ppl don't just get murdered anymore...they get eaten, chopped up and mailed out. Fugg. Sick place.

Oh...look who was chatty tonight...good night.

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