Tuesday, June 05, 2012

things I wanna say tonight...

1. Fuck you Enbridge. Take your shitty pipeline and ram it up your corporate ass. Do not poison my land and ocean. Assholes.

2.People should stop cutting ppl up and sending body parts in the mail. It is not ok freaks. Oh and stop eating peoples faces and shit too. Rude.

3. I want to eat red velvet cake despite the horrid amounts of red food coloring in it. 

4. Cows should stop kicking my Aunty Cathy.

5. Cortisone shots = bliss.

6. I am sad Game of Thrones is over for the season. WTF do I have to look fwd to now? That's right...shit all.

7. I need to borrow a tool off someone but I can't remember what it's called. Ha!

8. It is time to start honoring the temple.

9. Gravy is tasty.

10. I admit I am annoying Amy on Draw Something on purpose as revenge for her elaborate drawings that take 10 mins.

11. Why do I have cable TV? 

12. I must stop reading the news...

13. Why do I keep smelling coffee?

14. The Wye Oak singer mumbles like a mofo..mouth full o marbles mumbling.

15. I wish all my favorite ppl lived in my building...and this building had a pool.

The End.                                                 

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