Friday, July 06, 2012

Adoption Search

I am posting this in hopes it will eventually lead someone to my friend Chris.
I have had many occasions where people have Googled a name and been lead to this blog - so I am hoping the same will happen for Chris.

Christopher Bellman was adopted as a baby from an Edmonton orphanage.
Chris was born September 22, 1963 in Edmonton, Alberta.
Chris's birth name: GUY SCOTT MCDONALD 

Birth Mother's name: VALERIE JEAN/JEANNE MCDONALD (born July 4, 1941, she was born in Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan and was a nurse apparently)

Birth Father's name: JEREMIE (JEREMY? GERALD? GERRY?) GRANT SCOTT (born September 11, 1940, in Vancouver, BC - he was a pharmacist apparently)

Chris has had NO luck searching for his birth parents since the 90's. He is on the "adoption registries" provincially and federally. Nothing. Heartbreaking really...extensive searching (professional and otherwise) has turned up nothing over the years.

Seeing that JEREMIE GRANT SCOTT would have been 22 when Chris was born I would assume VALERIE JEAN MCDONALD was just new to the nursing profession. These birth parents would be in their 70's now, may not even still be alive but Chris may have siblings out there looking with limited info...will update as more detailed info is gathered.

Contact Chris at: christopherbellman AT hotmail DOT com 

(Last Update:  July 17 2012) Both parents/siblings located...mother passed unfortunately, father in White Rock BC...

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