Friday, July 06, 2012

Nerd Night @ Jen's Place

I am tormenting the cat whilst listening to terrible 80's music...while all that fantastical shit is going on I am making tortilla soup in the crock pot so Doris and I can dine on it before we go see Bill Maher at the Royal Theatre...cannot wait to have jalapeno heartburn all through Bill Maher's show. ha! YEAH!

I must be sure to bring BUTTER to the Royal Theatre tomorrow night b/c I am sure to need it to fit into those small seats made for tiny Japanese people...good will be a hoot though...cannot go wrong with 2 hrs of Bill Maher talking your ear off.

I really lucked out and Donna in Nanoose Bay is driving down Sunday afternoon for a visit...I am excited...we never get to visit just the 2 of us (sorry Guy) that will be a lovely way to finish off this short shitty 2 day weekend.

A. got the job at Aldo...perfect...she loves shoes. Am hoping in the fall she will get a plan in order and focus on making it happen...(SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE # 8759684796879564: school school school)...

Ok I am suddenly very tired...I must retire to my boudoir to read my smutty bedtime novel.

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