Friday, August 31, 2012


What a week. Tere was here Saturday - Wednesday...Gotta say Bingo was funny but so stressful...I should never play more than 6 cards....3 if I want to really be on top of things. Funniest ppl at bingo...most are really nice etc of course but like everywhere there is always some asshole that annoys the shit out of you by being a big mouth a-hole. The person who doesn’t work at the bingo hall but wishes she did b/c she is just so in love with being there and pretending she owns the place. We never did try out the other place in Tillicum...maybe I will save that for if my mom visits again...we can go bingo-ing for kicks!
Not gunna lie – this was a hard visit...Tere’s purpose for the visit was to bring over Taylor’s clothes b/c she is having the awesome crafty quilter Sarah make them into 2 memorial for her and one for Taylor’s dad. Taylor will be gone 1 year next month so I know this task of ironing and cutting up his clothes was something that was a huge hurdle to get started let alone finish – but she did it...ugh! She also got herself tattooed...she had their favourite song when Taylor was little tattooed around her wrist “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine”...pretty heavy day that needless to say I was looking fwd to going home last night and watching the last episode of True Blood that aired on Sunday until next summer. No nothing but me and myself....oooo was grand....The True Blood season finale was one of the season finales when you yell FUGGGGGG at the end b/c  you are so mad to be left hanging for 10 gawd damn months.
I am enjoying all the BC Liberal’s jumping ship...and acting like they are not jumping shit but retiring or moving on like it is no big deal...someone said it right...handfuls of ppl do not retire and leave a party that is not crumbling to its death. They had a good run those greedy, money mongering, mismanaging, morally corrupt shits...medical/health services, education, the environment – have all gone to shit...thanks Gordo – your legacy of assholery lives on. Long overdue for some change around here...and I can only hope the NDP pick up the slack and fix some shit up before they start acting like power hungry assholes too.
Had a wee earthquake the other day...I like wee earthquakes...I think of them as pressure releasing quakes....buying time before the massive one hits...I am hoping I am long dead when that happens. I have to say watching how the ppl of New Orleans/Louisiana  were all but forgotten during their natural disaster I am a bit nervous about having any hope that we would receive efficient assistance here. One good thing is that there are a lot of so-called important ppl in Victoria so one would IMAGINE the turnaround time would be ok for help arriving but...who knows.? I hate thinking about earthquakes and such b/c it really gets me spazzed out...having a kid and the separation at such a time would be sickening...that reminds me we need to pick a meeting spot in such an event...DO YOU HEAR ME KID? Meet me on top of the Cridge Centre hill across the street! High ground! Now I feel sick.

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