Saturday, September 01, 2012

Yoohoo - dumdum!

I Am Human (officially called How Soon is Now which i did not know until I just Googled it!) by The Smiths - I have no idea what I was up to in the 80's to have missed this tune...oh wait...I was into heavy metal and missed the gothy bands like The Smiths and The Cure, etc. entirely. The thing about missing a "genre" while it is at its height is you rarely experience it the same way later. I have never really warmed to the genre but there are bits and piece of it here and there that make me take notice - like Talk Talk's 'It's My Life'...another great one...I am sure there are a buttload of others and I just haven't come across them.

I spent the day rearranging the bedroom and living room...always something satisfying about rearranging feel like a broken piece of shit after all is said and done but damn! The place looks NEW! haha living room is less cluttered and my bedroom is too b/c I have finally decided to say goodbye to my VCR. Yes that's right folks...I am taking a leap and no longer taping my stupid soap b/c I can watch it for free with Shaw on Demand. This is my 1st step twds kicking it entirely. It is so lame - even for me. Seeing as I refuse to get a PVR until they become more reasonably I have my old VCR (I bought it when Ayla was 2 or 3 so it over 15 yrs old) and a newer one in the closet...this seems a little dumb. I think I will get rid of both...I do not have many VHS tapes left and this may spur me to get rid of the rest.

I called Shaw the other night to cancel my cable (this is so funny) and found out that with the  package I have (which is also no longer offered and still good for a few more years) me canceling my cable would cost pretty much the same b/c without the package my internet and phone would be the same price so essentially I am getting cable for free....................I ended up getting another fuggin cable package for 9 bucks a month for 6 mths so I get HBO which has all the good shows! Call to cancel and end up paying more by the time you hang up...I am awesome. Until I am prepared to turf my landline it makes sense to keep cable until then.

A. made dinner tonight - nice treat.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have a VCR down in the basement too! Also a DVD player which I rarely use anymore because there is no place left in town to rent movies from unless I want to drive 20 minutes to get there. Stupid technological advances...

~Jen~ said...

I know - its all so wasteful. Hmmmf.