Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Halt All Squawking

What a slap in the face for some Republican a-hole to make statements of complete ignorance and stupidity about rape and pregnancy...I am glad that guy is feeling the burn now – the backlash has been delicious and I hope it is a career ender. The fools running around on this planet continue to entertain and horrify. CLICK HERE
I have been feeling all hateful towards the seagulls as of late only to have Guy post a picture of a baby gull on my FB wall and make me feel guilty. ::shakes fist at baby bird cuteness:: Mother Nature was extremely brilliant making females so susceptible to cuteness so that we did not murder our own offspring.
I am almost up to date with True Blood so that I can resume some sort of life...maybe start cooking again...go for a walk...visit humans...I have too many favourite shows...Californication, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Damages, True Blood...I am hesitant to try out new ones for this reason...Breaking Bad and Mad Men especially. My obsessive nature is just too weak to be reasonable with a whole season of tv right at my finger tips.
Man I have been sleeping so good this week...sure I dream about vampires and other weirdo shit but my gawd when I wake up I can’t believe I slept like such a dead donkey...I think the earplugs help...I don’t like being unable to hear someone coming at me to kill me but at the same time...whatever. I don’t hear the cat scritching & being annoying...or A. coming in late...or neighbours...or seagulls (::shakes fists at the sky::) It is an equally blissful as wearing daytime ear buds on the bus...cannot hear kids crying, excessively loud conversations ppl have on their cell phones, cell phones going off, people having stupid conversations, the crazies talking to themselves about Wall Street/the stock market etc. I guess I live my life in the city as Guy does living in the woods...only he gets to connect to nature in the woods after disconnecting from the assholery and I am just disconnecting left, right and center and haven’t connected with anything yet.
Training starts next month for the Transition House...I am signed up and was relieved to find out that even though I originally thought I wanted to be a crisis line volunteer I am a bit unsure and have 3-4 training sessions  before they branch off into 2 separate classes...that is when I will have to decide 100%. I think my main concern is my possible inability to maintain a healthy detachment...I am not sure about that but I think I will get a better sense after a few training classes so I am not making a decision until later.
OMFG work is so dead. I just wanna go home...I truly frigging hate it here when there is nothing to do...I was so desperate I took the teapot of death to the kitchen to clean out...someone made tea 2-3 mths ago and it’s been sitting there since...the teapot grew tea algae NOT EVEN KIDDING...and it partially solidified – so effing gross.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ugh! I think I would have just thrown the teapot out. Did it form penicillin yet?