Monday, August 20, 2012

Milky Mangos

Funny how deep those red neck roots go...upon reading this I immediately was shaking my head thinking "what the hell...make up your mind..." - then after logical reflection - who cares if this man who has female parts, birthed his own babies and lives as a transgendered man  who wants to be a Le Leche League leader...? it impeding my life or mission of personal happiness? Nope. Would I have issues calling up the LLL and be mortified and traumatized if a transgendered person was the one that came to my house to help me out? Nope. Do I understand that some people would - Yes. I think a few more generations are in order to weed out people within our population that find this sort of thing highly unsettling.

It was not that long ago that being gay caused such a ruckus and sadly - for as much progress that has been made - we haven't really come that far...gays still get beat up for being gay. This transgender acceptance will take a while - it messes with peoples heads. All malice aside - we grown up knowing that MOMs are FEMALE and DADS are MALE. This transgendered stuff is confusing for a lot of ppl, myself included...and I am far more liberal than most.

There is still a novelty to it all...having grown up in the 80's cross-dressing and the like was really edgy and underground behavior...and now all this stuff is going mainstream and it is a real culture shock to many people.

Do I think transgendered people are entitled to less freedom than those who are not? No...but gimme a minute to wrap my head around this please. Ultimately, I admire the crap out of him mainly b/c the way he is feeding his son requires a lot of dedication and work and he is ensuring his son gets the best and kudos to him...most hetero-folk wouldn't go to half as much trouble in this day and age...

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

I admire this parent, too. But transgendering can be quite confusing. Part of it lies in not having the proper language, the right pronouns. We like to neatly label people.