Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The Defend Our Coast rally was pretty cool...loved seeing ppl bringing their kids and it was more organized than the last one...there was not any mishmash of issues sandwiched in to the proceedings...I don't care for turning up to an event about tankers and pipelines and having it laced with other unrelated issues – it is a real turn off for me. I have a real dislike for poor public speakers – I understand the nerve factor and the fact that we are not all blessed with outstanding public speaking skills...I think it really takes away from a cause though – that's just me being an asshole. I will admit 3 crappy speakers are completely erased by a good one though which is always nice. There were a few really great people speaking who articulated the issues and solutions well. Kudos to you! Anyone brave enough to get on that stage with the news cameras rolling and 3000+ ppl staring at you...way to have some balls...but please go to toastmasters now.


Training is getting real now yo! The dreaded role playing is underway....and it is a necessary evil...I am absolutely horrified of the prospect of call taking...I assume that after the training is complete in mid-January 2013 we will all be prepared enough that the horror will subside. Interestingly....I am the only person there who is not in midst of pursuing a masters degree-apparently this training is counseling practicum level stuff. One woman said 4 yrs of a Psych BA and there has not been 1 mention of any of the material we are covering right now so that is pretty is some intense business and the language required to handle these situations is going to be really fun for this casual-assed verbal nightmare of a gal...really looking fwd to it though.

ARGO: great flick...I did fall asleep briefly but that was not b/c the movie was boring at all...I just have narcolepsy...I have no idea how long I was asleep for but I managed to piece together what was going on once I woke up. I really liked the story – no idea how skewed the portrayal of actual events is in it but...the overall gist of it is cool knowing that something of that nature was pulled off! Very enjoyable political drama!

Little Ms AJC got extended until the end of Nov @ work...WOOHOO! This is fantastic...a bunch more pay chqs to squirrel away for a trip next year and it allows her to coast through the month that she will be going to California for 10 days to visit some family...she will have a few days of work once she is home then chill for 5 days waiting to get her wisdom teeth yanked then have some stress free recovery time then get back at getting a seasonal job to carry her through Dec etc. Great news!

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