Wednesday, October 24, 2012

12 Years

RIP Glenn...xo
May 29 1976 - Oct 24 2000

Such a warm, funny man...sad I never got to watch you find yourself.

And now on with the day...

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Cathy said...

A sad day for sure. How do we cope with all the guilt and no way to assuage it. We are all guilty of dropping the ball, and none of us are guilty of anything more than living our lives the best we can. Don't we, everyday, make choices to call that someone we haven't talked to for ages, or sit in front of the TV and watch a movie instead. Bad shit happens, most of us survive it, a few don't, and the rest of humanity moves on, dragging ourselves through the daily grind. We can only hope that the few we lose along the way are finally at peace with themselves. I have the dearest hope that Glenn is.