Thursday, December 20, 2012

2 days

I have 2 more work days to get through then off until Jan 2.
The new work space is WEIRD but I did win the lottery in the cubicle well in fact I am paranoid someones gunna bitch and try to take it from me...I seriously do not have to look at anyone while I am in there...I have a well placed wall and and tucked into a corner, lots of light from the windows...too good!

It's been a bit of a shit show in other areas but nothing horrible. We can't truly unpack until someone comes to affix the shelving to the walls and who knows when that will happen so we are tripping over boxes until well into the new year I am sure. I do know I am not picking up anymore boxes this week...I have right screwed my neck (I have deducted that lifting things is the culprit) again so in order to ensure it doesn't go full blown facked I am favoring the shit out of it.

This year b/c we cannot have ppl over for xmas eve due to the asshole sandwich - A and I are going to get festive at Dan's place with Donna, Erin and Amanda...I will bring sushi. It shall be grand.

Wow - this is a boring post. Better toss some boobies up.


Anonymous said...

boobs are always appreciated (especially when they aren't crushing things)


~Jen~ said...