Monday, December 24, 2012

Global Bacon & Eggers - what a hit!

These ones live in Ponoka AB with Adele, Anna and Jens.

These ones live in Old Orchard Beach, Maine with Amy, Alex, Olivia and Adam. Calgary AB with Zombie Barb! Boston, Mass. with Bob! Oregon with Dallas! Victoria @ Amanda & Erin's! Manitoba @ Tom and Helena's!


MINE! Victoria @ Tanya, Mike and Megs!

...up in Mill Bay with Kate, Jess, Ethan and Aleah!

...@ Katrina's in Victoria! PEI with Maureen, Lane and Asha!

...all the way in Ireland with Nicola! frosty Edmonton AB with Tara and the boys! Powell River BC with Wendy and J-Man!

Next year - PICKLES!!!!!!!


Adele said...

Coolest idea EVER!!! My Xmas tree will not be complete without them for many years to come!!!

Tara said...

Mine are beside the peanut reindeer from last year to :)

Cyndy said...

That Is Awesome!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love how well traveled the bacon and eggers are! Almost as much as I love how very clever they are. You are truly a Christmas goddess.

~Jen~ said...

I made about 35 sets of those starting in the summer....worth every bit of work while watching tv!