Friday, December 14, 2012

Hello From Boringtown

It is a Friday night here in the Conky Abode...A. is on the couch eating sherbet watching some heinous show - she has been torturing me all night with hideous TV...She went back to work today...survived but was so tired she skipped a party and opted to stay home and just rest. Awwww.

She was just using the thesaurus (gawd forbid) to try and pick a name for the peppermint lip balm I am making that she is giving to her friends for xmas...I am not sure I have ever seen her use a thesaurus. ha.

I have headphones on to block out the horrible TV show...I am listening to Heart this evening...gawd dammit I love Heart.

Last day at the old office today...not gunna lie - that power pack up yesterday was intense...I had about 10 layers of dried sweat on me by the time I was done. Today was easier - last minute to leave at 130 pm. I did not feel at all sad walking out of there for the lat time...mainly b/c the bldg is SO incredibly hot that I was glad to know I wouldn't have to walk into that sauna-like place again...I have come to terms with the fact I have to work with ppl again...especially "the asshole"...worse thing is, on Monday "the asshole" is going to front and center being the office move dictator in the new bldg. I can hear it all now...blabbing orders at people...trying to be funny and failing miserably - fml.

I am suddenly itchy ALL OVER...."the asshole" gives me hives or something. Rude.

Absolutely nothing on the go this weekend and I cannot agent......ahhh yes...thank you baby jesus b/c I am gunna need to rest up for next week which will be a complete gong show dealing with "the asshole", trying to unpack enough to resume work while in chaos...I am on holidays after next week so it is going to be nuts getting organized and caught up.

Not too many plans over xmas...Dec 22 I am having Kate and her 2 kids over for a sushi lunch as our pre-xmas get together/hang out...looking fwd to that...Xmas Eve A. and I usually have a group of friends over but seeing as we now are now inflicted with people living above and below us we aren't bothering at all b/c we know they will just be dicks about any noise and wreck our fun so....fuck them. We are meeting friends over at Dan's place for the festivities...we can cab home and be merry as shit without having to listen to ppl whining about their unrealistic concept of apartment life being disturbed. Fuckers. Nothing like paying a grand for rent and not even being able to have friends over for the evening.
Jerri & Zed will be in town at Xmas - Jer's sister just bought a house in Oak Bay so I am hoping that means they will come visit the city more so I can see them more often...I am sure we will see them over the holidays...A. and I are planning to go see a flick Xmas day... THIS IS 40  Looks funny and upbeat...Ultimately I would love to go see Les Miserables but I already know I will be weeping my way through that one b/c the friggin trailer alone makes me all I am saving that one to go see alone after Xmas.

The cat is being her usual dinkus self and spending her days mangling my Xmas tree and ornaments...yesterday I came home to my egg on the floor and 2 peanut reindeer on the floor with their antlers completely bent to shit. It makes me want to toss her off the balcony...but I won't. I am trying to barricade the tree with presents so she cannot jump up onto the table and get at it but there is a I am thinking I have to go buy a few more presents to fill the gap and prevent her from having easy access. Last night I was in my room, door closed, watching TV, A. was out in the living room sending me periodic pictures of the cat sitting outside my bedroom door just staring at it...willing it to open...just sitting there...waiting...psycho.

Barb: I guess b/c the tumor grew back faster than Barb's brain could heal from the brain surgery they were not able to start chemo/radiation and had to do a 2nd surgery instead...she is home now for the weekend and I was told chemo starts Monday...I hope seems it will be her only chance to survive this b/c the tumor is so fast growing it is very dangerous. The cancer/tumor she has is Glioblastoma Multiforme At best it seems treatment will only be buying her some time and not much of it either...which is rather depressing. :|

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Needing more presents to barricade the tree from the cat is the most unique present-buying excuse ever. My cat, on the other hand, ate something that made her sick for almost a week. So she got a $400 vet bill for Christmas.