Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bad Cat

Ahh man poor Barb - back in for emergency brain surgery yesterday...apparently the 2 weeks since the tumor was removed it grew back 4x the original size...She called me today and left me a message...speech was better than it has been but still messed up but saying such lovely things...and being so positive and funny. I really do hope she can pull through this...such a beautiful lady.

Then of course the day of deep meaningfulness and reflection about what is truly important in life is marred by some self important narcissist who does little more than irritate me at every opportunity...you know the type...they think they are so interesting and think everyone hangs in their every word and move...and when they realize you don't the drama starts....no time for that - ohhh no. High school ended 25 yrs ago sister - piss off.

Off to the oral surgeon tomorrow to get A's follow up appointment over with...I am reallllly hoping there is no dry socket nightmare in there...how that appt goes will determine whether A goes to work or not...she figures she will go if the dentist doesn't mess with her mouth too badly...she is still in a lot of pain for it being a week later...gawd. Hoping this can ease up so she can resume life again...plus then maybe I could sit on the couch again and watch a tv show ahahhaha

Packing has started at work finally...Friday is our last day in the old office...Saw pics of the new office...I have nice windows...and a fine desk...despite having to be around ppl and THE ASSHOLE of course. Speaking of THE ASSHOLE ~ she is still an asshole. Don't worry - more stories to come about her in the weeks to come.

Dear Cat - stop messing with my tree you Jerk.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that about your friend Barb! It's amazing how some people have the grace to handle situations like that with such positivity. I hope she gets some good news for a change.
Good luck to Ayla's mouth holes! And with the dreaded office move. Looking forward to some asshole stories.

Cyndy said...

How did the surgery go?