Saturday, February 16, 2013

Let's be honest...

I have to poop right now so I don't know how interesting this will be since I am fairly preoccupied.

It is a sunny Saturday here...Kim and I did pancakes for dinner...I made her eat Vietnamese food for dinner last night and she was a willing participant...she isn't nearly as picky as I thought. When we got home last night I gorged on cherry cola coke bottle candy and we played scrabble...I then lapsed into a sugar coma for the whole night and was in dead snoring and drooling by 10:30 pm. Holy loser.

Pam and Jim are coming today....with Maddie...we will do dinner and then family swim at their hotel which I am sure will involve someone nearly drowning or hurting themselves...I think A. is lamenting and sad b/c her friends have left for Ecuador and she was supposed to be with them... :o( If she isn't extended at the end of March I think she will meet up with them wherever they are.

Today I think I will throw out some crap...oh and poop of course. Bye.