Thursday, April 11, 2013

dead eyes of a tired person

Night Splint
I have them....

My experiment last night was 100% conclusive...without wearing a night splint I have very little hope of healing my plantar fasciitis...I went out and spent 60 bucks on one that just doesn't fit well enough to wear at night without making my gibbley leg sore so I reordered a better one online yesterday (why yes I am rather did you know?)...I am extremely eager for it to get here b/c 1) it is returnable if it doesn't fit right and 2) wearing one means I can walk in the morning and it cuts the pain down to half all day which is friggin astounding...I hardly limp! It is awesome - even after gym days I walk mostly normal....I have never been so excited to get something that looks like a torture device....and while not totally awesome to wear to bed every night the benefits outweigh any clunky night time discomfort...the last 3 days of walking properly have been THE I will be a hobbling asshole, I can tell. Wearing crocs indoors at home and never being bare foot helps a lot has been an expensive week...crocs...splints...oh the price of aged decrepity (I invented this word...pretty sure it isn't one haha)

No word from A. since leaving for the 4 day trek to Machu Picchu...I knew it would be like this so I am not totally losing my marbles though...I will say I look fwd to her being back b/c I absolutely LOATHE being glued to my cell phone when I am not home just in case she gets a chance to be online and I get a special Facebook alert - and then we can chat...if I leave my desk at work and go to the bathroom and realize I forgot it I totally panic thinking she might be messaging me.................loser. hahaha I haven't missed her yet though...only 41 days to go! (ughhh)

Wow this was boring.

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