Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not the kind of update you expect once someone enters a hospice....wow.

Posted by Barb's husband, Amir:

Barbara has made a remarkable recovery in the past few weeks.
The doctors are a bit baffled and the oncologists said that they have not seen this type of recovery before. She truly came back from the brink and so they want to re-image her brain to see what is going on. Whatever it is we have been blessed in the past few weeks with having her present and able to communicate - it has been beautiful.
We believe that it is the power of all her friends' and family's prayers and good wishes and their love that has resulted in this gift. Whatever happens know that it all makes a difference and we are truly grateful. We accept the Universe's blessings. Al-hamdu-lillah!

However it works out I am grateful her family got more time with her...amazing really all things considered...I have taken note that the recent photos of her have her seeming so normal...!

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