Sunday, July 07, 2013

Now you're messin' with a....

NAZARETH w/ guests THE HEADPINS....holy hell....what a weird show. The Headpins were fine...they sounded good but I don't know their music so it was hard to get I was preoccupied looking at Darby Mills' rack. She is looking pretty good for a gal in her 50's. McCafferty is 66 years old ffs...I knew this going in...what I did not bank on was how distracting it would be to watch the man gasp for breath in between each verse he sang...He even had to sit during songs....all that smoking has certainly caught up with him...this potential medical emergency fear was more distracting that Darby Mills' boobies. Despite the respiratory challenges he has he pulled off every song except for Love Hurts...that sounds crappy now...but all things considered it was well worth the moola and it was cool to hear those old favorites live and loud in fact I had to wear my ear buds through the whole show...I love loud music but I do not have the stamina to endure those ear bleeding volumes it seems. Honestly, when it is so loud it sounds better with ear plugs lie.

Next tour I predict Nazareth will wheel oxygen tanks on stage for him....that would make me feel better...knowing he won't drop after an especially long verse. My faves were Sunshine, My White Bicycle and This Flight Tonight...gotta hand it to the was awesome.

 Got a new PC....bought Shawn's off him...faster than a speeding bullet...Windows 7 (not hating it as much as I thought I would) and pretty pimped up. He was in town all in some good visiting with him...Kim was over for dinner tonight too which was nice...haven't seen her in a week and that was WEIRD!

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