Thursday, July 11, 2013

Patty Cake Patty Cake

Pat Benatar was pretty great...60 years old and still sounds as good as she ever did. The show was relatively short (745-905) but it did not lack in quality. She has such a large catalog it must be tough to pick and choose what to perform - she did a bunch of her great ones of course and a cover of RING OF FIRE (above snippet) which was awesome. While Lisa and I were waiting in the lobby to go in caterers were setting up this big buffet....and it turned out that it was for the ppl attending the PB show. SO WEIRD! Pre-concert buffet snacks! Bizarre! Anyway I would go see her again...she puts on a great show and her and hubby Neil Giraldo have great chemistry and banter on stage.

Today I met Kim after she was done work and took her for has been 17 yrs since her mom Laurie died of cancer so I thought she could use a hang out and it was nice...we had dinner and walked a bit before we parted ways...I really like having her live in my town. The other day I was walking downtown and randomly bumped into her and it was SO COOL.

Kim is off the Rock the Shores this weekend - I opted out to avoid the sunshine despite the fact 2 of my favorites are playing there: Matthew Good and Sam Roberts. Sorry...I am a sun hater.

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