Thursday, July 25, 2013

OK I am a day late....

Awwww they are like stinky little kitty cats!
So...funny of those stoies that is funny b/c it did not happen to you.

Poor Connie...dead asleep the other night and her big furry comes tearing into the bedroom, hops on the bed - JUST SPRAYED BY A SKUNK! Apparently the smell of this "fresh" is something out of this world in the worst way possible...her husband immediately began did one of her daughters while the other daughter just screamed...Connie scrambled to get the dog out....had to toss the bedding....throw rugs....after many attempts to de-stink the was shaved. Did I mention this is a furry Eskimo kind of dog. hahahaha Poor Chinook....bald but smells ok at least...what a nightmare. I did chuckle very loudly imagining Jason and Kaitlyn just standing in the bathroom throwing up in unison.

I never want to know what a skunk smells like fresh and up close like that...ever.

1 more week til I meet up with Connie and the girls at the Pacific Shores Resort...I cannot wait to stay in THIS awesome suite... and utilize the pools...and explore the beach...and just chill!

I have a really big rant coming up for you this has been brewing for a while....prepare.

I am old and have to go to bed now.

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