Friday, July 26, 2013


I am reading Duff McKagan's book currently..."It's So Easy". I really love reading about musicians lives b/c as they are going through what was happening with them through their careers I can map it perfectly in my head...what I was doing at the same time - I friggin love's like I am injecting myself into their existence somehow...but not really. Anyway...this book is an interesting look at the absolute disgusting  level of alcoholism and drug addiction Duff McKagan was part of at the peak of Guns n Roses career. Do you have any idea how much you have to drink over a certain time period to blow up your pancreas? Unbelievable what the human body can endure and come back from. I like this book...he is a surprising gentle soul with a humble persona. Been listening to all my Guns n Roses music for the last week...not gunna the band...don't really like watching Axl though...

I promised you a rant - here it is. You all know I am a psycho rabid avid Matthew Good fan...Haven't missed a live show since 2000. Every other winter for the last I do not know how many years....10ish - he plays Victoria supporting whatever his most current album is. It is a ritual of sorts and this year is no different. SO I THOUGHT. There are shows booked in Courtenay and Nanaimo....none for Victoria. At first I didn't shit the bed too badly - just figured it was a bit slower to book a Victoria venue for whatever reason....I check every.fucking.morning waiting for Victoria to pop up on the tour listing. Nothing.

If he is already on the island why on earth wouldn't he come to Victoria...the ferry is paid for already! Courtenay getting an MG show and Victoria not getting one is some kind of evil alternate universe nightmare. So - of course - when I finally realize in my denial ridden brain that there is a chance he is skipping Victoria....there are no decent tickets left for either show on the island or the Vancouver show at the fucking seriously? WTF! He just had to cancel his US tour due to funding you would think cramming all the Canadian shows he can into the tour would be on the agenda...

So yeah - I am totally pissed. I am shunning him on my MP3 player and skipping his songs that come on I am so gawd damn upset....yet still a victim a-hole and checking the site just in case a show is listed. I even looked up that week at his usual venue (Royal Theatre) and THERE IS NOTHING BOOKED STOPPING HIM FROM PLAYING THERE. So pissed. So disappointed. Poor me, I know....1st world problems. Meh.

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