Monday, July 15, 2013

Respect the Ear Buds

I think it is safe to say that someone wearing ear buds or any type of headphone probably doesn't want to chat with you on the bus or at a bus stop...this being said, I understand that the mentally ill woman at the bus stop yesterday likely has no grasp on social cues and things like that so she gets a pass. Her smiling scared me. I have said before that ppl who just walk around smiling for no obvious reason make me kinda nervous but this type of smiling is a step beyond even a happy person smiling. It was uncomfortable to look at...which then gets me over-thinking about what her life must be like...and what it maybe was like prior to this horrible smiling affliction. I hear stories from a fried who works with the mentally they had completely normal lives, kids, job, spouse etc....and how their whole life unraveled when mental illness took over. Schizophrenia in particular...knowing another person who was raised by a Schizophrenic mother makes me all too aware of the potential hell on earth that can be for children...and anyone involved really. Nothing good about it...I do not think people truly understand the devastation.

Saw THE EAST last night....LOVED IT - and not just b/c my favorite True Blood vampire Eric Northman (aka Alexander Skarsgard) was in it). Brit Marling is quickly becoming my new favorite in the movie world...not just her acting but the fact she writes, directs and produces, etc. I randomly caught ANOTHER EARTH on Netflix and after watching it looked her up and really admired the fact that she was tired of such crappy roles offered for female actors so she started to write her own material. Keep an eye on her.

18 days until Pacific Shores (in Parksville)....Have you seen this place? CLICK HERE So stoked for this trip...I am pretty sure Connie and I haven't stayed in a place so swanky hhaha I am sure the kids will love it...lots of pools, beach, parks etc.

Am hoping Maggie and Sons will be able to come down for a few days after while I am off....

Time for a nap at 10 am!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

That place is gorgeous! You are going to have such a crazy good time.

It's funny, I watched The Sound of My Voice a while ago, and did the same thing - looked up Brit Marling. I love her! Another Earth is now on my list to watch.

~Jen~ said...

Ohhhhh I just DL'd The Sound of My Voice....maybe I will watch it now since its 145am and i just woke up from my 745pm nap (grrrr) Brit Marling...!