Monday, August 26, 2013

90's Chick Tunes

Tonight is 90's chick tunes night. Sarah McLachlan...Tara McLean...Crash Vegas...Natalie Merchant...Sinead O'Connor. Sarah McLachlan almost got booted off the list for making those hideous SPCA TV commercials...JFC Sarah. I cannot change the channel fast enough when those come on...

I am still the fattest person that goes to the Y...I would love to see someone even near as fat as me there once...just so I could throw a knowing glance of solidarity their way. I do get why it is not generally somewhere most fat ppl want to be - shit if you had asked me a year ago if I would ever join the YMCA I would have laughed in your face and then slapped you for implying I needed to work out. haha I wish there was a fat ppl only gym...seriously. I would join. I would miss all the hot looking MFers at the Y of course but it would be a sacrifice I would be willing to make. Some of those men at the Y are so good looking I feel like a damn pedophile b/c they are generally far younger than me...if there are men my age at the gym I could not tell you b/c that is NOT who I look at or notice...ever. They are as invisible to me as I am to everyone is a nice arrangement. I do get some 'stranger support' in the change room sometimes...I think some of the women get that joining a gym at my age and physical condition is a big they like to ask how it is going and pep talk me which I find terrible awkward but I understand that it is intended as support...and really as long as they are not standing in front of me completely naked, drying their crotch with a towel while pep talking me I can live with it.

Guess what I learned this week? That Pecorino Toscano is fancy cheese made out of sheep milk (barf). I had to Google it when I saw it on my grocery receipt for 18 bucks...and a 3 dollar eggplant. 1) I do not like fancy cheese especially 18.00 cheese 2) I hate eggplant. A refund is imminent.

I just read through all of Deanna's letters tonight....funniest lady ever...she had such a terrific sense of humor...always cracked me up. She drew a picture of me getting a pap test ffs...if that is not entertaining I do not know what is.

Deanna @ 14....awwww xo

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