Saturday, August 03, 2013

Oh yeah

This is a pretty cool place...not fancy like I thought though the 2 bedroom suite we have is great...the bath tub...omyeffinggodmothertrucker I love it...Would totally forsake a bigger kitchen to live in such an apartment.

So far we have had a good time...the kids meltdown early in the day so there are no late nights with them up that is for sure...they need their sleep as does their mom...Connie is coping ok I will say and the girls are being fine in my opinion.

The gym here (yes I decided to be a good person and go to the gym while I was away) sucks balls...makes me appreciate the Y all the more....the pools however are great...I don't like hot tubs but there are a lot of them! The main normal pool is big and it. I think I will try swimming early tomorrow so in the evening I can do stand in the cool ocean water at high tide and enjoy the sea. The cool water tonight on my effed foot felt FANTASTICAL.

Lots of pictures once I get home!

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