Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vacation Day #1

 That's right...vacation day #1 - never left the house...didn't get dressed or shower either...did not brush my teeth or my hair or wear deodorant. It was a wonderful day of puttering.
My wee camera makes these stupid reflection things on the pictures of the sunsets which I find rather annoying. Funny that my old dino-cam still has so many more better features despite being old and only 5 MP.
 The weather today was effing glorious....15 degrees...a nice breeze, a bit overcast and no blazing soul melting sun making me have to close my curtains ALL DAY! ::insert a choir of angels singing here::
I bought a dolly. Always wanted I just did it. The thing is it has an ODOR...I cannot keep it its out on the patio b/c the smell of it is just too gross...its an 'industrial' smell of someone dumped gasoline in the house. Am hoping it wears off.
Yes - that's the exciting shit I get up to.
Tomorrow is laundry and packing up day - then I leave to go up island Friday morning at 7 am.

1 comment:

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The sunrise reflections look kind of cool, but not if you have no option about them.

Have fun up-island!