Thursday, September 19, 2013

Text Fun

So I am getting ready for bed the other night and my phone goes "dingdong" indicating I have received a text message...I look and it is from a number not stored in my phone. Considering how the week had gone I was a little I open it and here is the conversation that developed:

TEXTER GUY: I brought ur movies back they're at the doorstep. At this point I am making a clean break. I do not need unstable ppl in my home or life. Please don't text me again.

(so what do I do...I go check my front door for movies LOL and there are none...)

JEN: I think you texted the wrong person b/c there are no movies at my front door. lol

TEXTER GUY: Is this Eva?

JEN: LOL No it's Jen...well done at setting clear boundaries though!

TEXTER GUY: No no that was meant for Eva lol Is this Jenny Keyes?

JEN: Well I do not know her but I am sure you are doing the right thing. No this is Jen C in Victoria.

TEXTER GUY: Sorry for bugging you...this is Roger...what is your last name?

JEN: Conky...and I don't is nice not to be getting dumped.

TEXTER GUY: I can safely say I do not think we have met before. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I am still laughing b/c I went and looked for movies assuming I pissed someone off. HAHA

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