Friday, September 20, 2013

Stay outta the damn hospital...

If I learned anything today it was when I am old do whatever it takes to stay out of the damn hospital. Uncle Jimmy's sister Carol died today after a very short hospital stay for something entirely different than the pneumonia she died from. I find it all perplexing and weird and very sad as she was not all that old...tomorrow I will go help them all finish cleaning out her apartment and get things sorted. Such a bizarre thing imagining someone going through and sorting through your stuff when you are dead. My shit is going to be extremely interesting to go through...Oh yes. Whoever is doing it, they will learn shit about me...and which I had less stuff I am sure. RIP Carol...xo

I have been making a concentrated effort to widdle down my possessions this feels good...I look in awe at minimalist clutter I am always thinking "where do you keep the stuff you love?" Some ppl simply are not attached to 'stuff' though...which I find curious and interesting...and wish to explore...less is more quite often...

I am reading "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls again...I read it yrs ago but recently read the follow up by the same author that she she wrote about her maternal grandmother and I loved it (Half Broke Horses) I wanted to reread GC while the other was so fresh in my mind. I am about half way done and clearly forgot how deplorable the authors childhood was b/c I am in awe of the conditions these kids survived and shocked only one ended up with severe mental health issues. I looked up some info online and read that the author has done very well for herself and had a cottage built for her mentally ill mother and supports her otherwise she would still be on the street...amazing level of acceptance and forgiveness that woman possesses to take her mother in after some of the heinous treatment her and her siblings received. Remarkable story...very good read.
Older & balder every tour. We have something in common.

I am right now listening to the new Matthew Good album 'Arrows of Desire' as it streams prior to its release on Tuesday.
..and holy hell..."Mutineers" is my favorite...cannot quite make out all the lyrics but I get the gist alright and am loving the harmonies and flow...I have a super favorite on every album and on this one it is definitely Mutineers...(aka Set Me On Fire from the Lights of Endangered Species album, While We Were Hunting Rabbits from the Avalanche album, Champions of Nothing from the Hospital Music album etc...on it goes...)

Blah blah blah...talking about MG and no one really cares but me...

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