Sunday, September 08, 2013

This is the End....AGAIN

Took Kim to see This is the End tonight...I had already seen it but it is so effing funny I was happy to see it again. I laugheddddddd omg...seriously the funniest movie ever. If you have not seen it - please see it b/c it truly is funny.

It is the Bird Man's birthday right now...Bird Man being Guy. I Jib Jabbed him for kicks b/c I know it makes him roll his eyes at me: JIB JAB Sorry is just too funny not to!

Breaking in some new shoes that I got bamboozled into buying. Gawd dammit I hate it when that happens...the salesman isn't a fantastic salesman or anything...I can see through his eager, helpful demeanor quite easily...but my guard was down against myself...and I saw these shoes and drooled over them immediately thus my thrifty resolve was drooled away - and before I knew it I am walking out with these stupidly expensive shoes that I FUGGING LOVE but that I did not really NEED. Do not get excited at the prospect that I just did something girly...I did not. These shoes look like all my other lesbian shoes as all my lesbian and non-lesbian friends enjoy pointing out to me on a regular basis. I cannot help it if I love sensible shoes that happen to be men's shoes b/c I have giant size 10 duck feet. Look at that gore-tex shoe of goodness?!?!?! I get a woody every time I look down at these shoes.

The laundry room is down a washer AGAIN. You know...when I finally move out of this shithole bldg I am gunna get pissed drunk in celebration. 2 washing machines for a bldg of 35 apts or something is already ridiculous...but 1 is just unspeakably inept and for those of us paying the big rent in this shithole I find it to be completely unacceptable when it takes days and days for this shit to be fixed or replaced. My revenge will be sweet as I move out into my dream downtown cupboards, stone counter top of some sort, an island, tile or wood flooring, a jet tub swanky bathroom off the master bedroom, a view of the ocean/city, in-suite laundry, garbage disposal, pool and gym plus a rooftop common area...oh gas fireplace, big balcony.....holy shit DOUBLE KITCHEN SINKS, dishwasher...(boner) my dream know what else I want...a completely pimped bathroom with a drain in the middle of the floor so rather than kill myself cleaning the bathroom I just grab the shower sprayer, turn it to HOT and rinse off the whole room periodically...toilet clean, floor clean...a few tasks like actually scrubbing the sink and toilet would be no big deal. Can you tell I cleaned my bathroom today and I am bitter about the amount of effort it requires in this old dusty piece of shit bldg? After Vegas I am going to start saving to move I think...I will see what Ayla's plan is and then start seriously socking $ away.

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