Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Social Media

It bothers me that as  tech savvy as I am I cannot figure out how to put a profile picture up on Instragram.


Tuesday morning...my Monday. Hair quite short now. I have resigned myself to the fact my long hair days are done due to my thinning hair...it being shorter makes that less prominent so...it is how it is...back to looking about as unfeminine as possible again in life. Reminds me of being a child again.


Today is clearly a day if ugh. This is going to be a fast paced crazy work week...only 4 days of work before a week off for Vegas so the lead up is always a shit show. Looking very fwd to cramming myself into that airplane seat and sitting still for 3 hrs...I think I am over worrying about that. Fat ppl fly all the time...what's a little humiliation in asking for a seat belt extension and then them handing it to you as a hot guy walks by? Not like it is a secret. ha h ah ah hah aa ::insert crazy person laughter here::

Aunty Cathy brought up a good point about traveling to the US during this gov shutdown. I looked into it and the border thing should be fine as it is an essential service but the helicopter tour worried me being that the grand canyon is a park....so the tour co website says our particular tour is fine (we don't land where it matters I guess) so that was a relief. Would still be cool just to fly over though.

OK gotta go mess with my boy hair...(that sounds gross)

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