Monday, November 11, 2013


Funny that I think of my Grandad more on Remembrance Day than I do on his birthday or any other time of year...especially when he never spoke about the war much - got all my info second hand. He was a tank idea how much 'action' he saw at all or how it affected him...I guess b/c he was the only person close to me that was involved in any war at all it stuck with me as a kid and into my adulthood.

I imagine A. at her age now (19) enlisting and fighting in a war overseas...what the hell...? Different times then for much loss. I don't get all intense about this memorial holiday (the color of any poppies people wear, etc) but I do understand it and respect its importance. It is getting to be the time where all the old WW2 veterans are almost all gone which is really odd. So many stories shared and unshared. Thanks Grandad! xo

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks to your grandad. My dad never talked much about the war either, but we found some photo albums after he died, from when he was on the Russian front as a teenager. Unfathomable.