Monday, November 18, 2013

Pikes of the North

Just laid there forever like she was tanning or something.
I am in hell smelling A's gross meal cooking. Burnt zucchini and prawns. Bad combo. I should be rejoicing she is cooking her own dinner right? I would rejoice more if I knew I didn't have to clean up after the fact...and suffer the effects of burning eyes from all the smoke in the air.

She is cranky. I am cranky dealing with the Cranky now it is just a world full of love and fucking smoke over here.

I keep reminding myself how much I will miss her while she is gone in 2 mths...until then I am not gunna pretend I enjoy her cranking Miley Cyrus on the radio while she protect myself from the soul draining radio ear assault I have ear buds in...protective measures.

EGG BRA? This was my breakfast.
I have decided I think once I fulfill my required hours at the place I volunteer I am going to move on to something else. I am just not finding myself enjoying it near as much as I thought I would...I do not regret the 6 months of training it took to volunteer on the crisis line - it has been excellent learning what I have...skills that certainly benefit me in life in general as far as communication go...but I think I need something a bit more busy and fast paced. I am dreading the 4 hour shifts like it is electric shock treatment...I really think I could be more useful elsewhere. I will still volunteer for them doing other things (I support what they are doing and how they do it) but come early next year I think I will be done with the crisis line. That was the epiphany I had today as I finished my 4 hour shift and had done about 20 mins of actual work. Holy boring. I think the Quadra Village Community Centre is calling my name.

My favorite new xmas decoration...sadly the cat loves it too. The battle begins. My favorite thing about this squirrel is when little 4 year old Sidney saw it he said "Aww there is sap on his hand" referring to the glue from the pine cone...omg I ear died from that cuteness. SAP! Awwww.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

If you are dreading your volunteer shifts, it is indeed time to move on. This year I started letting a lot of volunteer stuff go and feel so much better about things. Now I can concentrate on the ones that I continue to do.

~Jen~ said...

Yes I hear ya...I feel bad about it being that it was 6 mths of training but I am really just not liking it and once I fulfill the promised hours I will be letting them know.

Finding a good fit seems to be the key...