Sunday, November 03, 2013

May as well....

May as well blog while I am on hold with Shaw has been well over 1 hour on irritating. Get your shit together Shaw and get more people working on Sundays you cheap asses.

Grapes of Wrath were awesome and I am still vibe-ing off that show...loved it...the rest of the weekend is pretty blah...yesterday I hung with Katrina a bit and felted some pickles but aside from that it is all rather blah.

Today I am going to deal with my bedroom...been ignoring it for some time and it looks like I cannot avoid doing laundry any longer.

The clock changed last night...I jammed earplugs in after changing all the clocks and was determined to have a good restful sleep until the AM and then try to forget about the time change fuckery that usually plagues me...I spend way too much time figuring out what time it really is or was or whatever. So then at 3:42 am - which was really 4:42 am in my head and body - the phone is ringing in the living room....ringing with the ring that says someone is buzzing to get in downstairs...Fack. It means A. likely lost her keys and can't get it...I don't make it to the phone on I wait for a re-buzz....that doesn't happen...I then have to walk downstairs to the front entrance and let her in...all the while trying to maintain a zombie wander b/c I do not want to be conscious or getting to sleep will be an issue so close o the time I usually get up for I let drunky in and shes all happy and chatty and trying to talk to me and I don't wanna talk b/c:

1) its 342 am but actually 442 am and I have been awoken out of a dead awesome sleep for this shit
2) she is an irritating drunk all happy and silly and I am not in the mood being half asleep 
3) I am generally unhappy being woken up no matter why (haha)

So we zombie walk up stairs and shes all loud in the hall and I am snapping my fingers at her really loud to shut it b/c apparently that is what I do when I am not talking and want someone to STFU....snap snap snap! ha ha ha
I went back to sleep and it was today I am just not thinking about what time it is except for what time the clock says. Hmmf.

I think I will go bake some plantain chips for A. now...she is excited to be a size 0 after this paleo eating/working out me she looks the same b/c I already thought she looked perfect...5 lbs is a lot to someone now 9875837598345 lbs I guess...I can lose 5 lbs after a dump ffs. HAAAAAAAA I am so gross. As if I just said that.

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