Monday, February 10, 2014

Extra Long....Weekend!

Loving this 4 day weekend.

Also loving all of Miss A's photos...I have always loved looking at her face though, since the day she was born.

I am currently invested in Season 1 of quite enjoying it...though the concept of a serial killer killing serial killers is a bit weird b/c that makes him a good serial killer. Mind Blown! haha

Victoria Film Fest is underway...I have seen 2 of my 3 picks so far. "Enemy" was great, really liked it though it was extremely weird. Jake Gyllenhaal never disappoints, great actor. Saw "Devil's Knot" last night...would have preferred skipping it entirely. Terrible. After following the case of the West Memphis 3 for many years, seeing all the documentaries and reading Damien Echols' book - the movie was a complete waste of time and offered up nothing even remotely 'artistic' was dreadfully boring despite the good acting. Frustrating...would have preferred watching Dexter on the couch. Atom Egoyan (who is from Victoria) was there after the screening to talk and I was so disgusted with the 2 hrs I wasted watching I left and skipped the Q&A with him. The Sweet Hereafter was so the hell did he go from that to this piece of crap?

Busy week many birthdays...Kori visits...packing. I have packed up everything off my book bare and stark...hate it...but a nice accomplishment regardless...I need boxes badly again. Hate this part of moving...becoming a cardboard box whore. I am just buying them from Home Depot now...which to me is just decadent and crazy but easier than begging for them...not driving makes a chore like box fetching a complete pain in the ass.

OK I am off to drool over watch Dexter....

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Dexter gets rather silly and hard to believe at times, but we always enjoyed it. Nothing like a little wrap and slash!