Monday, February 03, 2014


Home from the 2 day whirlwind visit to Powell River. Enjoyed seeing everyone and getting to hang with Riley on his 1st birthday...pretty cute. 

Maggie and I went hard the night before making pirate/boat cake pops and all sorts of treats - labor intensive and delicious = cake pops. haha

Went and had a nice visit with Mike as well...very weird being in that house with Deanna gone. It looks exactly the same. Her things still everywhere. Cannot imagine what it is like for him day in and day out. The one year anniversary of her death approaches...not easy for him, her folks, her daughter, sister or niece. A gift I gave her 13 years ago has made it's way back to brother had a Lilith Fair poster signed by Sarah McLachlan that I brought home with me after his passing in Oct 2000...I had Uncle Jim frame it pretty and gave it to her for xmas that year. She loved Sarah McLachlan and was very fond of my brother so it seemed a fitting gift for such a great friend. Very bitter sweet getting it back...Mike really wanted me to take something of hers with me - as you can imagine it is a bit awkward, not wanting to rifle through someones things but this was something he was insistent about...and a piece of her Cranberry Pottery...really nice of him honestly, all awkwardness aside...I will display both and find them heartwarming to see each day.

A's travel drama as blown over - hoping that is the end of that business. They visited waterfalls and elephants today...sounds like a lovely place (Koh Samui) with lots to do. Weird that her birthday was almost over where she was by the time it was her birthday here...

I have settled down a bit...going to PR was a good distraction though...there is nothing louder than the roar of silence that rushes your ears when you walk into your house and your only child has vacated the nest. I find that to be really strange and I am not sure I will get used to that.

I now have zero fingernails...sigh...

Great road trip with Sarah to PR...have told her that anytime she is going to please contact me if she wants a travel buddy...much easier getting to and from in a car. Maggie's new place is quite nice...lovely view and good location. Glad to have finally seen it. Did not have time for a fancy bath in the tub but next time for sure!

Back to work tomorrow...should be a nice little nightmare of ppl frantic for lickitysplit service b/c they are in a mad rush.
Today I think I will tidy up, make a stew to eat all week...yeah.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hope that the quiet in your place becomes enjoyable, especially if the screaming baby downstairs allows it to stay that way.

~Jen~ said...

effing baby...I want to punch it