Thursday, February 20, 2014

Musings From a Different Planet...

Sick at the moment...finally got me. I was due...haven't had a cold for quite some time so hard to complain especially when so many are plagues with the flu at the moment. No thank you! I am blessed with my classic tranny voice that I usually have while sick...makes for some fun conversations. I ditched work today b/c the coughing is a bit too much...hoping when I get up tomorrow I can go in b/c I have a lot to do missing Thursday and I actually like the ppl at work...wait...let me clarify that - I like the ppl in my 5 person radius...I don't care much about the rest.

Tia and her dad, Uncle Paul
So much sadness right now for the ppl around me...Barb's mom isn't doing well - neither is my friend Adele's mom...Elizabeth's mom just passed, my Uncle Paul just died and it is the 1 year anniversary of Deanna passing on the 27th...I guess this is what we all have to look fwd to as we get older, watching this sort of thing go on..and on...Kim was pretty sad about Uncle Paul so I took her out for some chow on her dinner break at work and cheered her with ice cream a little.

Uncle Paul - I haven't seen him in a long while. I do have fond memories of him and my time at their house. His kid's - my cousins Tia & Craig - were such fun when we were little. They lived in Regina and we visited often. They had such a fun house...pool in the backyard, excellent toys in the basement. Us kids had run of the house when everyone got together b/c the adults would be upstairs smoking and drinking - playing cards - having their own brand of fun while us kids were weaving fun and magic in the basement playing, listening to records, playing dress up...oh and Atari...they had an Atari...cutting edge back then! Loved the pool the most - always though they were the richest ppl ever, I didn't know anyone else with a pool. We had such fun there. Uncle Paul was always kind, a great dad to his kids and it is sad to think he is gone even if I haven't seen him in a very long time. RIP Uncle were a good shit.
Tia, Glenn, Craig & I - I hope we were playing dress up...

Kelly and Mel get here tomorrow...they decided to come down to see Ryan McMahon play at Kim's house Sat. night...should be fun.
Even though I am feeling like poo I will enjoy hanging with Kel, Mel, Kim and Kate...along with Hot Donna too!

Man I watched a lot of Dexter today...even though I find a lot of it far fetched and a bit silly I am completely attached to the character now and have to see it through to the end...Did  a lot of packing today as well...I need to simmer and work on turfing more stuff. Must...purge....more... Like do I really need 2 fly swatters? Wtf?  

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Love your outfit in that old photo! You should totally resurrect that look.

Sorry to hear about all the losses in your circles lately. You have had many.