Tuesday, July 01, 2014

All fans engaged....

That's right. Summer has arrived...so all 5 fans in this apartment are swirling me a little relief and magic. Have I mentioned how much I detest summer weather?

I ventured out for my 1st walk in ages on Sunday, knee was up to it finally so off I went to explore my new neighborhood a bit - more specifically the lovely Gorge Waterway across the street. It is nice to live across the street from the ocean again. The Galloping Goose Trail is a nice for walking and also good for getting run over by cyclists if you forget to shoulder check before stepping off course (this has not happened to me yet, I have been careful!).

The same day was the long awaited concert of my summer...the highlight for sure - Heart with Jason Bonham...had no idea before arriving that I had scored 3rd row floor seats...I was looking at the wrong seating chart when I bought them clearly as I thought there was a whole other section ahead of us....but there was not so that was the 1st thrill of the night, being so close! Sadly, Kate and Jessie couldn't go due to Kate being a cripple with a bad back so Kate passed on her tickets to my bosses hubby and his friend.
Nancy Wilson
The show started with 1 set of all Heart songs...the beauty was there was no filler at all...all the hits and my favorites (Barracuda, Dreamboat Annie, Magic Man, Crazy On You, etc)...and while the 80's stuff is not my favorite Anne Wilson singing Alone was really nice, changed it up and I liked that version a lot. Man, that woman can sing....and at 64 to sound as good if not better almost 40 yrs later - amazing. The second set was all Led Zeppelin covers with Jason Bonham on drums...something magical about that, knowing this guy is sitting up there pounding away on his dead father's legacy...truly awesome...and Anne Wilson sings Led Zeppelin better than anyone, maybe even Robert Plant (haha) - seriously, I felt too uncool to be witnessing such coolness.
I figured out how to upload some audio...see bottom of post. This just recorded off my phones voice recorder so you can imagine how incredible this sounded live!
Really was an excellent time - just hearing Battle of Evermore live blew my fucking mind (I was too spazzed out to think about recording it unfortunately) - could have died right then. Best show in a long time....definitely one of the top 5 shows I have seen in my life. Paid for it the next day being a knee gimped piece of shit but...well worth it.

Today is Canada Day...Laundry is done...Kim was supposed to hang for the day but she had to work at the last second (rude) so she wont be here til dinner time for a short hangout. Boo. Feels like I haven't seen her in a long time...going to have to remind her to invite herself over and not to wait for an invite b/c I am a dick and get hermitized and never make plans sometimes.

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