Monday, November 06, 2006

season of the pickles

Oooo I like the Lettuce Goblet!!!!!

im a tard...the other day i dragged all the xmas shit out...and its piled nicely in a corner...eagerly awaiting my lack of resistance so it will be put up...
im looking fwd to digging out the tree ornaments...particularly the PICKLE XMAS TREE ornaments...I have 3 or 4 now...always on the look out for more...Aunty Cathy said theres a crapload on ebay, she was right haha I have decided i also must get pickle salt n pepper if yer ever thrift storing it...think of Jen.
Ive also decided im collecting odd big chunky goblets... weird ass ones that u randomly find in thrift stores with no matching ones. yeah.

im still laughing about BORAT and how he talked about Jewish ppl in the movie....then im thinking (cuz im so smart...) that with the last name Cohen he is proabably Jewish was even more funny after that.

shitload of birthdays this month...Brucifer, Jerri, Kelly, Jim, Robert, Connie and Adrienne...bloody hell!
Hey guess what!!? Guy is going on a crusade...He fights in the name of she who is called Jen.
NO SHIT hahahahahahahahaha I love that! MuHahahahahaHahahahaha

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