Wednesday, November 08, 2006

haha bumbling moron

Im watching Bush on tv right now, live, bumbling his way through a press conference about hte Democrats taking over congress....
This gives me a complete 12 inch boner.

He's stuttering, cracking stupid nervous jokes, bumbling, shrugging off the LOSS, stumbling over his words & stupid ideas, cutting reporters off, being abrupt and really looking like a sad miserable is BEAUTIFUL to see him on his way out....simply beautiful.

Now hes contradicting himself, all within this 20 min speech...he is LIEING...hahah hahahah its fucking WEIRD to watch...I love it that this pisses him off so so so MUCH...
He is arguing with reporters now....and getting more pissed off...this is better than The Young and the Restless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this think they should do this EVERYWHERE. click here

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