Wednesday, November 08, 2006

little bit o' this & a little bit o' that

manager meeting was most interesting...
i have been crowned oscar the grouch...
LL is negative nelly
KS is the cheerleader (aka ELMO)
KM is the cynic
RD is reserved but assertive
TH is a flighty hippy
LN - fuck i dont even know what she is ...

I like my title. You can tell which managers I tend to be drawn to though im yeah we determined this is like work place highschool...but guess what my opinion is? if I have the choice to call on one of my peers its going to be one i know and trust and LIKE...welcome to the real world. If anyone thinks im gunna start calling Elmo when I can call Negative Nelly....they are on fucking crack.
I dunno if this makes any sense at all to anyone but me and a few others but...I just needed to vent. haha
I can honestly say I am NOT FOND of this cry baby bullshit in the work place, ohhh so and so doesnt like me and never calls me....shut the fuck up and get over it...can u fucking imagine? I have no patience for weak spirited ppl.

Well I think everyone and their dog applied for DEAL OR NO DEAL when I sent a link out last week...hahahaha I hope someone i know wins cash and spreads it around a little, esp b/c ill be forced to go as a cheerleader and u KNOW how i feel about that! haha

Im off today and tomorrow but I think im gunna pop into work a little today and do some crap and just come in laste on friday...
I should not have bought that DVD Drive the other im broke...Im not used to be being broke...not broke like STARVING NO $ broke but very little to mess around with...that bugs me.

Im forcing myself outdoors today.

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