Wednesday, December 20, 2006


it is amazing...i thought i had my shit all in order this year deciding to NOT buy but a few gifts (kid not included) but it seems im nickel and diming myself to DEATH anyway.
Fuck I hate xmas and my victimness of gunna take this lesson and USE IT against xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ill teach that bastard xmas a lesson! muhahahaha

im still cold.
i just ate a mandarin orange...a mandarin orange im making myself ENJOY b/c after i shopped and got 2 boxes of them i came home and read my receipt and i paid 8.00 a box when beside them were 5.00 boxes. Duh.

question: if u have roasting chickens can u just shove stop top stuffing up their asses and cook them and the stuffing will be ok?? im worried that if i make gay stove top stuffing and it doesnt come out of the animals ass i wont like it as much.

hmmmmmmm i think i just busted my kid 4 something.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm must thing up a creative consequences....

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