Wednesday, December 20, 2006


it is windy again.....very chilly too...honestly i hope the wind dies down. this is a shitty time of year to be dealing with no electricty and all your food in the drige and freezer going can be financially devestating to lose all the food in your fridge/freezer, at this point in time id be FUCKED cuz ive spent all the money i have on gawd forsaken xmas food...

today was BUSY at our asses kicked alright...i did give an ex-employee some UBER shit today though so that was satisfying...esp b/c ive heard mention i may get this ex-employee in feb again which sucks im a victim

tomorrow is laundry day...yippee...shawn and phil are coming over for pasta mmmm
i rented some vids for xmas week...a denis leary dvd...and some other such shit ive already forgotten about.

im freezingggggggggggggggggg

omfg im so boring i cant even stand myself.

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